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The Sports Guy on Matt Millen:

Q: If Isiah and Matt Millen were in the same fantasy league (any sport), what would be the end result? Is it even possible to mutually lose to each other? Would this bring the world to a sudden and violent end?
— Chris Lang, Stevens Point, Wis.

SG: Are you kidding? Isiah would KILL Matt Millen. Other than his complete disregard for the salary cap and luxury tax and lack of a discernable long-term plan, Isiah has one major flaw as a GM: He runs the Knicks like they’re a real-life fantasy team and tries to accumulate as much talent as possible without giving any thought to how that talent might mesh together. For a fantasy league? That’s perfect, right?

Meanwhile, Matt Millen has been a complete disaster in every possible sense: he hires the wrong coaches, drafts the wrong players, signs the wrong free agents, screws up the cap, builds around the wrong guys, turns on his own players, doesn’t have any semblance of a master plan … you could make the case that he doesn’t have a single strength as a sports executive. At least Isiah had some decent drafts and targeted players with talent (Marbury, Curry, etc.); he’d be a good fantasy GM as long as it wasn’t a keeper league. Matt Millen would be terrible in any scenario. The only way the Matt Millen Era would be worse in Detroit is if he were announcing the games as well.

Oh… yeah… unh… you just can’t help but shimmy when you hear a beat like that. I feel like I’m channeling Morris Day!