Conservative crimes against truth

Linda Chavez is the latest to try defending neocons from getting blamed for their manifest failure:

Gibson’s claim that Jews have caused all the world’s wars is only a less subtle and more grandiose version of the current mantra that “neoconservatives” have led us into war in Iraq. Make no mistake, most critics on both the left and right who inveigh against “neoconservatives” really mean “the Jews” or “Jewish influence” has caused this war.

What’s with the scare quotes around neoconservatives? Kristol and company are overt neocons, there’s nothing imaginary about it. And as I’ve repeatedly demonstrated, many of the neocons who come in for criticism aren’t Jewish, ergo the attempt to slur the critics of neocons with anti-semitism is wildly dishonest.

Thus far, the list of right-wing figures pushing this blatant lie include:

Rush Limbaugh
Joel Mowbray
Michael Ledeen
Linda Chavez

Got any more examples?