The importance of education

From The Smoking Gun:

NOVEMBER 21–Meet Deanna Bobo. The 37-year-old Arkansas woman is the 3,496th teacher to be arrested this year on charges that she had sex with an underage student (in this case, a 14-year-old boy).

I was surprised to see that there are that many arrests per year. Keep in mind that those 3,500 annual arrests doesn’t cover all of the other school employees, and one would presume that not every incident of improper teacher-student relations leads to an arrest. Furthermore, a significant percentage teachers arrested have been involved with more than one student over the course of their career. The children’s “advocates” like to describe teachers as being the first line of defense against parental child abuse, but at least where sex is concerned, I suspect that there are far more teachers screwing around with the kids themselves than are reporting cases of incest.

Of course, it’s nice to see that the teachers of America are taking such a personal, hands-on approach to providing sex education. If only they were half as motivated to teach history and economics.