Blacks are children too

Derbyshire explains the true evil of white-on-black crime:

The working assumption here is that black Americans are like children, requiring special protection from abusive adults, and not really responsible for their own misdeeds. The corollary is that a crime committed by a white American against a black American is especially heinous, and demands especially savage punishment, because it is really a species of child abuse.

This is why blacks and women are seldom held fully responsible for their misdeeds, because in the eyes of the American legal system, they are children. Except, of course, for feminist criminals, who are retarded children and therefore doubly incapable of experiencing the consequences of their decisions.

I’m not sure about the correct analogy for a black feminist criminal, however. Perhaps a crippled, retarded child? No, because a chair won’t get you out of anything as effectively as the appropriate skin color or sex. Oh, I’ve got it! They’re like retarded kids with cancer.