That’s democracy, dude

Yousseff Ibrahim demonstrates a neoconnish inability to follow the plot:

After his 2004 re-election, President Bush promised that America would stand behind the Arab world’s pursuit of freedom and democracy, but he has retreated from this policy into nevernever land.

The sight of the American president standing next to Iraq’s militant pro-Iranian Shiite prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, inside the White House last week was the depth of depravity in politics.

Nothing symbolizes a bargain with the devil more than those images, which shall live in infamy.

The prime minister of Iraq, the country we liberated from dictatorship, is nothing more than an Iranian Muslim fundamentalist agent. To honor a reactionary fundamentalist in the halls of Congress is to dishonor the great American enterprise to liberate the Arab world from reactionary fundamentalism.

Mr. Bush, have you lost your way?

I just wonder what part of “the will of the people” folks like Mr. Ibrahim and President Bush fail to grasp. If you let a bunch of idiot German socialists decide who is going to govern, don’t be surprised when you get National Socialists and a French invasion. If you let a bunch of idiot women vote, don’t be surprised when you get divorce, infanticide and a Mommy state. And if you let a bunch of idiot Muslims vote, then don’t be surprised when the first act of Congress is to declare jihad on Jerusalem.

Mr. Bush hasn’t lost his way, this was the inevitable result of his way from the start. That reactionary fundamentalist is the fruit of the seed planted by those miraculous purple fingers with whom the pro-war Republicans were so enthralled a few months back.