Commy Skanks v Facist Prudes

Veni, vidi, risi:

Anyway, I went home a little depressed last night after reading a lot of these back-and-forths, feeling like it can’t possibly be productive to attack each other and to act like we’re players on various feminist teams battling it out for who’s the most feminist, and whose feminism is the best. And when I read this Stranger thread (which is also chock full of, “But things are way worse for men!”) I felt like punching my computer screen, because, for the love of God, it isn’t a fight between the kinky girls and the dowdy, sex-hating feminists. And when I read through some of the other threads on feminist blogs that were full of “whose feminism is the most feminist?” challenges, I felt like screaming.

I do so love feminist women. They can’t even get together and hate men without it turning into a shrieking, hair-pulling catfight.