So sprach der Schnurrbart

Those nasty Nazis at Powerline:

Dr. Goebbels, call your office

In an obscene attempt to obtain political mileage, the Democrats are claiming that President Bush is responsible for the outbreak of war in the Middle East. Howard Dean claims that the war would not have occurred if the Democrats had been in power because the Dems would have worked the past six years to prevent it. And Sen. Dodd has made basically the same assertion. Meanwhile, Rep. Jane Harman contends that the Bush administration is to blame for our poor to non-existent relations with Syria and Iran which, she says, prevent us from using diplomacy to end the crisis….

In terms of the style of its propaganda, this is a party in which Joseph Goebbels would feel at home.

Paging Michael Medved…. Paging Michael Medved! I shall watch with interest to see if the Gay Mustachio, Captain Ed, the Pilgrimess and others of their so easily offended ilk will bravely take the evil Powerline Nazi boys to task.

Oh, wait, it looks like the francophobe J-Pod is already on top of it. “The Nazi analogy is disgusting when lefties use it about conservatives and it’s no better when conservatives use it about liberals.”

Remember, no one is allowed to make comparisons to the National Socialist German Workers Party, even if the target of criticism is supporting key planks in the Munich Manifesto, annexing Austria, invading Poland or launching missile strikes on Britain! Anyone guilty of making such a comparison is also guilty of being a National Socialist.

So sprach der schwul Schnurrbart