Bye bye bianconeri

JUVENTUS Retrocessione in serie B con 30 punti di penalizzazione da scontare nel campionato 2006-2007; revoca dello scudetto 2004-2005; non assegnazione dello scudetto 2005-2006; 80.000 euro di ammenda
FIORENTINA Retrocessione all’ultimo posto e penalizzazione di 12 punti nel campionato 2006-2007, 50.000 euro di ammenda
LAZIO Retrocessione ultimo posto e penalizzazione di 7 punti nel campionato 2006-2007, 40.000 euro di ammenda
MILAN Penalizzazione di 44 punti nel campionato 2005-2006, penalizzazione di 15 punti da scontare nel campionato 2006-2007, 30.000 euro di ammenda

So, they didn’t slap Juve on the wrist after all. Their 2005 title is revoked while their 2006 title will not be awarded to anyone. (Presumably this means Milan will claim the 2005 scudetto.) Fined EUR 80k, whatever, but they’ll start their Serie B campaign with a 30-point disadvantage. I suppose it’s still possible that they could win promotion, but that will be tough when starting 10 games back in a 34-game season. Especially if your best players leave for Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Fiorentina and Lazio are both relegated as well and are penalized 12 and 7 points retrospectively next season. Milan loses 44 points for last season, 15 points next season and all three get small fines that one of their substitutes could pay without noticing it.

The point of retroactively subtracting points is to give Milan’s Champion’s League place to Roma, while Inter takes Juve’s. That lets Chievo Verona and Palermo grab the UEFA Cup spots, and more importantly, the three clubs that would have been relegated to Serie A, Messina, Lecce and Treviso, get another chance to stay up in Serie A. Inter and Roma fans will be happy, although I’d love to see Chievo give them a run for their money.

And, of course, I’ll be joining most of Italy in hoping to see Juve fall short of promotion next season. Forza… chiunque gioca contra loro!