Mailvox: failing to grasp the concept

JV doesn’t have a particularly strong handle on that whole “libertarian” thing:

You got your loyals that are moral, upright, pro-life types. And then you got your loyals who get off by posting erotic comments which cause slobbering idiots to do likewise and a thread devolves into disgusting voyeurism. And you got your alchoholic losers who brag about in what manner they’re going to get drunk. And you link to bloggers who spin the glories of fornicating with multiple women.

And you just sit back and yuk it up, and none of it bothers you. Your columns and many posts are interesting and shed some light, but all the extra baggage?

I wouldn’t think that I’m enough of a comedian to qualify as one who “yuks it up”, but yes, the sitting back and being largely indifferent is accurate enough. I don’t like every comment made by every commenter here, in fact, I don’t like every commenter. But so what? The comments aren’t for me, they’re simply my way of providing readers and critics alike with a forum. There are very few rules and the vast majority of the time, everyone abides by them.

Sure, most of the communication is trivial, but then, so is the vast majority of all communication. I’ll never forget what an English friend of mine who had learned Italian before me once said. He told me how much he’d wanted to understand what the people around him were saying when he first moved to Italy, and how disappointed he was when he was finally able to understand them and realized that they were just babbling about inconsequentialities like everyone else, the only difference was that they tended to repeat themselves by saying the same thing three different ways.

I’m responsible for my own words. JV is responsible for his, and no man can be held liable for those that belong to another. If you don’t like the comments, then don’t read them. They won’t pop-up at you, and in any case, they don’t change the posts or the columns one jot or tittle.