Mailvox: the publishing game

Daniel asks for an update

You wrote about trying to get published in another genre a while ago. Did anything ever come of that?

I don’t think Daniel realizes just how slow the process is when you’re not A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR!!!! But actually, it’s been going pretty well, although ironically it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go quite as far afield as I’d intended.

I began writing a mystery set in Italy, which I think is promising. The only publisher with whom I’ve spoken about it is very interested, but they’re a European publisher and they don’t sign books based on the usual synopsis and three sample chapters. I figured I could have the first book done by this fall and was working towards that, but then I received an email from an American publisher last week who liked the EW stuff and was interested in receiving a proposal from me.

So I threw a few ideas together over the weekend, sent off the proposal and was pleasantly surprised to learn yesterday that the publisher liked it and is considering offering a three-book deal. It looks like they’ll make their final decision by the second week of August, so hopefully it will be a go. I’m also doing another article for a forthcoming Ben Bella anthology.