Truer words are seldom spoken

The Episcopalians continue their hell-bent slide towards organizational suicide:

A woman was last night elected as the first female leader of the American branch of Anglicanism in a historic but divisive development that could hasten the break-up of the worldwide Church.

The Bishop of Nevada, the Rt Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori, who is a leading liberal on homosexuality, is the first women primate in the history of Anglicanism.

Her role as Presiding Bishop is the equivalent of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Her surprise election was greeted with whoops of joy by pro-women campaigners at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, where she was chosen by her fellow bishops in four hours of voting.

The Episcopalians appear to be on step seven. It’s interesting to see how a church that rejects Biblical instructions in the smaller issues soon begins to reject them in the larger ones. It’s not an accident that churches which embrace homosexuals and women in leadership roles soon begin to deny the Resurrection and the Bible. The only thing I find confusing about the whole thing is why they bother to call themselves Christian, although perhaps the monetary incentive to claim the millions of dollars owned by the church is reason enough to take it over.

And while I’m sure one must exist somewhere, there isn’t a single church in my experience that has continued to grow once it decides that the Apostle Paul’s insistence on male leadership is merely societal tradition and therefore outmoded. From what I’ve seen, they soon begin doing stupid things that inevitably lead to a rapidly declining membership. Now, feel free to label me sexist and so forth if you like, but I’d like to see each such critic also name a single thing in which increased female involvement has proven to be demonstrably beneficial other than the tautological benefit of involving more women.

“What a historic moment for the church,” said the Rt. Rev. Cate Waynick, the bishop of Indianapolis. “What an omen for the church….

I can’t argue with that. And by omen, I mean Damian, you understand.