More from the “Women are Children” crowd

The Telegraph:

Unmarried couples could win the right to a share of each other’s wealth in the event of a break-up under plans being published today. The Law Commission will publish a consultation document setting out possible improvements in the rights of the two million Britons who live with a partner.

A key proposal is likely to be changing the law to recognise contracts drawn up between live-in lovers and setting out how property should be divided if a relationship falters. The commission may also propose that couples who live together for a certain period of time – according to some reports, for two years – should get legal and financial rights.

The plans may even go as far as proposing divorce-style payments when cohabiting couples split up in some circumstances, particularly when children are involved.

So, having created massive disincentive for men to marry with the ridiculous divorce laws, the British government would now like to hold men legally and financially responsible for relationship duties that they have successfully and intentionally evaded. No doubt the American family courts will soon see cause to cite British law in this regard.

I wonder if I can hit up Big Chilly and the White Buffalo for support cash… after all, we lived together for more than the proposed two years, so what about my legal and financial rights?

I rather hope Britain does enact this lunacy. The unintended consequences should be humorous, especially the adventures of the cohabitation police who will be required to investigate and determine if a man has dumped his girlfriend after 23 months solely to avoid her establishing a claim on his property.

Isn’t it amazing how the Left, in the nominal name of preserving rights, ends up trying to dictate every little detail of a man’s life.