Women never lie about rape

Unless they really have to:

When a 15-year-old girl ran up to a cop May 8, screaming and claiming that a taxi driver had tried to rape her, the officer assumed the worst and police arrested the cabbie later that day. But it turns out the girl made up the story to get out of paying the cab fare, police said, and all charges were dropped Tuesday against driver Oluyemi Otunba-Payne, a Nigerian immigrant and father of two who lives in Hamden….

None of the girl’s allegations — that Otunba-Payne offered to waive the fare in exchange for a sex act and then tried to rape her in the back seat of his Metro Taxi cab before she managed to escape — turned out to be true, police said. The case is still under investigation, Moscato said, and the girl could be arrested herself for making a false report.

She won’t be charged with anything, of course, because even adult women are the legal equivalent of children in the American legal system and are held to be of diminished responsibility by virtue of their sex whenever they commit crimes.

No doubt this girl has a bright future as a women’s rights advocate ahead of her.