PC conservatives and the police state

It’s a shame that so soon after facing down the wrath of Canada, Captain Ed elects to align himself with the illiterate Left:

Unfortunately, while Bush underwhelmed the conservative movement on immigration tonight, certain conservatives busied themselves by embarrassing us much more than Bush could ever have. Vox Day, whose provocative writing I normally enjoy, has lost all sense of perspective in his latest effort at World Net Daily. He suggests that we learn a lesson from the Nazis in dealing with illegal immigrants in our midst:

So, there are no lessons to be learned from the National Socialists? Better disown our nuclear weapons program and NASA! Some of those combined arms military tactics look pretty suspicious too…. Considering how today’s Republicans have joined forces with the Democrats in enacting significant portions of the National Socialist domestic program, including a National ID card (tamper-proof!), the good Captain’s outrage is quite amusing.

George Bush could have asked for no better example why massive deportations are a political dead letter.

“I was especially disappointed that the president again pushed the canard that some want to round up all illegal aliens. There is not a single elected official in Washington proposing that.” – Congressman JD Hayworth on National Review Online

One has to marvel at the Captain’s statement here since it’s quite clearly President Bush that is the political dead letter. Mass deportations – which the literate grasped I neither favor nor believe necessary – poll better than Dear Jorge or his many amnesties.

Vox likes to take controversial positions, but this is just reprehensible. The Germans “rid” themselves of six million Jews by annihilating them through industrialized mass murder. In fact, a great many of them weren’t German at all and never spoke German or were assimilated into German society. A great deal of them were Poles, Russians, French, and so on, an inconvenient fact that renders his point moot. And how exactly did the Germans accomplish this feat that Vox finds so exemplary? They transformed Europe into a racist police state from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus.

How, precisely, is it reprehensible? Perhaps the Captain would care to instruct us on the proper use and misuse of historical German references.

Anyhow, Ed misses the forest for the sake of criticizing a tree – inaccurately. First, the fact that most of the Jews killed in the Holocaust weren’t German is precisely the reason that I said “many” Jews. Many |= Most. Second, does he wish to argue that Polish, Russian, French, Hungarian, Dutch and Italian Jews weren’t integrated into those societies and didn’t speak the language of their country of residence? Part of the shock and horror of the Shoah was the way in which people turned on their neighbors and acquaintances. Yes, there were also Jewish ghettos, to be sure, but perhaps my fellow Minnesotan is familiar with the term “barrio”….

Third, the National Socialists did not have to transform Europe into a racist police state to accomplish their murderous means, in fact, Vichy sent 12,884 Jews to the camps without being occupied, and in the case of more than four thousand children, without even being asked. The police state apparatus was often not required for the racial round-up, Europeans being Europeans, it was usually enough to post a letter telling everyone where to show up at the appointed time. With a few famous exceptions, such as in the case of the Warsaw Ghetto, there was little violence.

“Vichy eagerly participated in the Holocaust, for example with the July 16, 1942 rafle du Vel’d’Hiv, in which 12 884 Jews were arrested, inclduing 4 051 children which the German authorities had not asked for. They were anyway all sent to Drancy transit camp.”

And lest the Captain forget, he’s presumably the one who supports the War on Terror the Patriot Act, as well as the War on Drugs and its concomitant no-knock raids, property seizures, masked police, accidental killings and so forth, not me. Modern America doesn’t exactly boast an absence of police state trappings these days and I’m not among those who favor them.

Can we presume that Vox wants to offer that advice? Should Congress take up the Nuremberg Laws this session? This column is so ill-advised that it is difficult to imagine that a responsible news organization would not have attempted to keep the writer from discrediting himself before publishing it. Vox owes us an apology, and so does World Net Daily.

The Captain disingenously pretends that I have not given my advice already. Don’t build a fence. No National ID, tamper-proof or otherwise. Announce instant deportation of every illegal when arrested or otherwise found interacting with state or local authorities. Fine employers who employ illegals and offer bounties to workers who report violations to their local sheriff. Ban all social services to illegals. Encourage the Minutemen to patrol private property and support them instead of reporting their whereabouts to the Mexican authorities.

This will work, because 10 illegals will run south for every one caught and deported. This multiplier effect has already been documented in the deportation of Arab illegals after 9/11.

The ludicrous accusations of my desire to round up and deport illegals, much less massacre them, serve very well to demonstrate how many bloggers leap at the chance to indulge in hysterics and moral preening. They demand an apology? They’ll receive nothing but well-deserved contempt.