One of the saner critics

HB actually bothers to read before writing:

I think you may have mischaracterised some of the complaints that have been made about you. The real problem is, that if you advocate using Nazi methods, then people will make certain assumptions about you, namely that you are a Nazi. I’ve taken the trouble to actually read what you have written, and it is evidently not the case that you are an authoritarian, but even I was pretty surprised to see you suggest such, well, authoritarian measures. How accurate were the Nazis in their deportations?

Actually, I find that this is almost never the case. What assumption is made about one who advocates equal rights for all citizens, a generous provision for old age, the confiscation without compensation of land for communal purposes and the education of specially gifted children of poor parents, whatever their class or occupation, at the expense of the State?

I openly oppose all four policies. All four policies are explicitly National Socialist positions held by many Americans. Conclusion: many Americans are Nazi bastards!

I don’t support mass deportations because I believe they are unnecessary, given other measures that will provide sufficient incentive for illegals to deport themselves. Granting additional funding to state and local agencies on a per-illegal-identified basis for each illegal deported would likely suffice by itself. If each school teacher, nurse, social services or police officer received $500 per illegal reported and deported, we’d probably run out before Christmas*. And we probably wouldn’t spend $500 million, since 10 illegals leave for every one deported.

I am opposed to mass deportation, a border fence or a national ID card. However, I recognize that all three are completely possible and would work to end illegal immigration, unlike our president with the forked tongue. I simply believe that they would come at too high a price.

*Of course, human nature being what it is, it’s also likely that as soon as illegals are hard to come by, police officers would start turning in homeless Americans bribed to swear that they just arrived from Peru.

Mitchel Ahern, on the hand, didn’t so much bother:

Congratulations on being yet another Christian Nazi asshole. Fuck you and all your bullethead friends.

I do so enjoy watching men demonstrate their purity by the fervor of the condemnations. Shades of the Two-Minute Hate, ironically enough. America is still at war with Nazi Germany. America has always been at war with Nazi Germany.