Fred anticipates the arena

It’s not hard to understand why he’s kicking back in Mexico, watching events unfold with sardonic amusement:

From the Washington Post: “Nearly half of the nation’s children under 5 are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing mainly because the Hispanic population is growing so rapidly, according to a census
report released today.”

Now in newspaper parlance, “minorities” means “permanently underperforming and inassimilable minorities,” which is to say blacks, Latinos and, when anybody remembers, American Indians. It very seldom means successful minorities, such as Chinese, Greeks, white men, Jews, or Anglo-Saxons.

As we look forward to a massive slewing away from the dominance of European whites in America, what may we expect? What will these huge minority populations do? It is instructive to look at what they have done so far….

Law enforcement in America relies on having a white population that is mostly law-abiding. It has no good way of responding to large numbers of violent criminals, especially when they are backed by politically potent voting blocs. The crucial question, or a crucial question, is what proportion of the new minorities will fall into the permanent underclass? How much permanent underclass can the nation stand?

Another crucial question is this: If half the children today are of minorities, then in no more than eighteen years half the kids of college age will be. Unless they show a sudden scholarly afflatus which has not heretofore been in evidence, this means that soon the US will have to compete with China with the brains of only half the nation. This is not to mention secondary effects, such as enstupidating all schools to hide the failures of the minorities.

Here’s my prediction. Within 20 years, the vast majority of White Americans who are today so proudly pro-diversity and anti-racist will be more openly and virulently racist than was ever seen in South during the Civil Rights struggle. Those who have read Thomas Sowell or have travelled widely will know USA that daily exposure to significant ethnic and cultural differences increases tensions and the potential for violence, it does not reduce it.

Most Americans would be shocked at the way Italians discuss Germans, the way Germans talk about the French and the way the English talk about everyone, especially the “pakkis” in their midst.

Multiculturalism is a slow-acting social disease.