Even dumber than you’d think

This is amusing:

Those dumb feminists! At least they don’t believe japanese and chinese sprinters are as fast as….
05.03.06 – 4:04 pm

Ah, I see you get banned if you ridicule the idiot spacedbunny for her ridiculous japanese sprinter comments! The whole of blogland is laughing at you, Vox.
05.03.06 – 4:07 pm

Maybe they should start drafting some Japanese running backs – ha. Your wife is getting famous (infamous)
05.03.06 – 4:43 pm

So, not only does Qweerty suffer from reading comprehension problems – Spacebunny merely pointed out the IAAF world rankings that belied Qweerty’s baseless statement some months ago – but he is also obviously as clueless about 100m competition times as he is about IP addresses.

The whole of blogland is laughing, Qweerty/Kim/Claire/Jimbo? If so, you might want to consider the possibility that they are laughing at you.

It’s not the fact that he has an imaginary friend or two that is worrisome. It’s the fact that he has an imaginary girlfriend.