The first step in the election of Hillary Clinton

From the Washington Times:

Howard Dean’s not-so-surprising announcement that the Democrats are stepping smartly to the right of the president on the immigration issue hit the Republicans yesterday like a rap on the nose with a long-handled wooden spoon, undercutting the assurances that some congressmen are sending back to Washington that nobody really cares about the human tide surging over the border. “The first thing we want is tough border control,” Mr. Dean says. “We can do a much better job on our borders than George Bush has done. Then we can go on to the policy disagreements about how to get it done.”

Now are you beginning to understand what I said months ago with regards to Hillary, immigration and the 2008 election? The Lizard Queen is going to tack hard right on immigration once she sees how well the public responds to this little test. Remember, there isn’t any genuine difference within the parties when it comes to their leadership and their candidates, so the issues are transferable. While the unions have been obediently following the open borders theme for a while, once the Democratic leadership signals a change in direction, they’ll happily get back on board the nationalism train they have historically ridden.