Don’t worry, you don’t

Relax, there is no rape, it’s just pretty unicorns keeping their little pink horns warm:

So basically, don’t live your life the way men are allowed to without placing themselves at risk.

I don’t want to live in that world.

My favorite thing that I’ve ever seen on feminist blogs (and I’m not going to find a link b/c I’ve seen many blogs post it) is a list of things we can to do stop rape:

1. If you see a woman passed out drunk at a party, don’t rape her.
2. If you go on a date, go home with a woman, start making out with her, then she says she doesn’t want to have sex, don’t rape her.
3. etc.

People who focus on “risk reduction” are accepting as a forgone conclusion that there are just a certain number of sick men out there who will rape and there’s nothing we can do about it. Bullshit. Let’s start teaching men not to fucking rape people, huh?

Oh, obviously THAT’S the problem. It’s so OBVIOUS now! No one ever told Ted Bundy not to kill people.

If I was so unfortunate as to be a feminist, I think I’d have to go out and throw myself in front of an onrushing lacrosse team in despair. This is actually accepted, nay, acclaimed(!) as deep and meaningful thought by feminists: don’t be bad!

Yes, if only someone had told Temujin that before he reduced an entire city to ashes and piled up skulls in pyramids to rival those in Egypt: “if you see a city, don’t obliterate the entire population”, then surely he would have refrained. If only someone had told Mr. Hitler that “Jews are people too”, I’m sure he never would have embraced the Endlosung. I’d like to see this woman lecture a Chicago Disciple or a Congolese rebel leader simply to see the look on his face before he expired from laughter.

The point is not that ALL men are bad and women should cower in fear in the presence of a penis, (unless it’s the White Buffalo’s, then cowering and shrieking is in order), it is that SOME men are and always will be. And they don’t come with pentacles tatooed on their foreheads either… although if he does, you just might want to take that as a pretty good sign to stay away from him.

Of course, given the hamster-like analytical ability of the average college girl, she’d probably decide it was edgy and sexy and excitedly accompany him to his “very cool” torture chamber complete with sacrificial altar. After all, it’s every woman’s RIGHT to visit a devil-worshipping cannibal psychopath in his lair and NOT get sodomized, sacrificed and devoured.