True Feministe Love

It seems I am her dream guy:

I like men who dress well. I like men who enjoy good food and good wine, and who can have interesting, engaging conversations where they aren’t afraid to take personal risks and emote a little bit…. I like men who aren’t embarassed to go out to a swanky lounge and order a ridiculous pink drink.

Perhaps I order the ridiculous blue drink more often than the ridiculous pink one, (which, if made properly, is really more of a dark purplish red), but otherwise, it sounds as if I could be her perfect match.

Er, wait a minute… “I like men who will get up at 5 am to ride a bus to DC with me to attend the March for Women’s Lives — and who bring their own sign.”

Unfortunately, I am so vehemently opposed to the diabolical concept of “morning” that I wouldn’t willingly agree to be woken up at 5 AM by the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad, in uniform no less, to watch the Vikings win the Super Bowl. I’m sorry, Jill, but it seems that the cruel fates have doomed what might otherwise have been a beautiful relationship.

UPDATE: On further review, I would. But not if it was only the aforementioned cheerleaders and the NFC Championship Game.

UPDATE: Just in case girls aren’t clear on this, men have little inclination to date, much less marry, any woman who has ever participated in a march, a candlelight vigil or a sit-in of any kind. Signs are nominally acceptable, but only if they are intended for use at a sporting event and do not involve a stupid acronym involving the broadcasting enterprise. A yard sign for a political candidate is questionable, but can be forgiven so long as it is removed promptly following the election.