Go to college, forget kids

There was an article today in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung that discussed the recent statistic that 40% or more female college graduates here in Germany are still childless by age 40. And the thinking is that the fault lies in lack of a suitable mate. Male college grads want spouses young and pretty (not that hard to find) and the female college grads want men even better educated and more successful than themselves (apparently harder to find).

The author of the article posited that childlessness leads to unhappiness and I agree with her. What will you advise your own daughters?

If I had a daughter, I’d tell her to go to college, get a degree and then pursue an advanced degree and a career. That should leave her a whole three years, between 27 and 30, to quickly get married and start having children. Of course, if she makes a bad dating choice or two during that time frame, those three years will flash quickly by and she’ll either have to settle or find herself entirely SOL.

But then, writing memos, making Powerpoint presentations, attending speed-dating events and feeding cats is entirely satisfying and is really okay and while maybe it’s not what she wanted she’s still in a really good place right now and her therapist thinks she’s doing fine now that they’ve got the dosages straight… or so I’ve been told.

This should get very interesting in the next ten years, when most men figure it out and start scrapping the liberal arts scam altogether in favor of technical education and Internet degrees that cost less and take less time. Women, of course, will continue to go for those sociology and poly-sci degrees because college is “so important” in much the same way that Hillary Clinton “has done so much”.

By the way, here’s one feminist’s solution to the problem. One guess as to where she finds the answer… (hint, it begins with a G):

If politicians want babies to kiss on the campaign trail, they’re going to have to ante up, starting with part-time jobs with full benefits, tax equity, paid maternity leave, Social Security benefits for stay-at-home parents, and subsidized child-care centers—with well-paid teachers. Even more important, they’ll have to finally admit that the minivan does not qualify as a child-care center, and make the school day match the work day—complete with PE, music, sports, and other enriching activities on site. (Think of the traffic jams that could be eliminated!) Men must sign binding contracts to start doing laundry, mastering the vacuum cleaner, and driving the carpool a few times a week. Then—and only then—should women agree to fire up the oven. After a few years without new life to inspire, project their expectations upon, and inherit their empires, men just might come around. And if they don’t, childfree women will have plenty of time to take over the world and do the job for them.

Actually, that Japanese politician’s idea of banning women from higher education would cost far less and achieve much better results faster, but our ever-brilliant feminists will be wearing burqahs and living under sharia before they’d admit that. After all, if it’s obvious and based on historical reality, it’s probably too simple a solution. It makes much more since to attempt drastically changing society by force, especially since their previous attempts have been working out so well for them.