A frightening near-rape experience

I know I’m shocked:

A 23-year-old Central Florida woman has been charged with making false statements about a rape that left Rollins College students scared to walk the campus, according to WKMG-TV in Orlando. In November, Desiree Nall told Winter Park police that she was raped by two men in a Rollins College bathroom.

“The college was on high alert and the neighborhood was in confusion because there was a lot of fear,” Winter Park police spokesman Wayne Farrell said. Investigators told WKMG-TV that Nall confessed to making up the story.

Nall is the president of the Brevard Chapter of the National Organization for Women, Local 6 News reported. Police said she may have been trying to make a statement when she lied about the rape.

How is that possible? We have been assured by feminist leaders that women – especially educated feminist women – never lie about these things. Obviously she must have suffered a “near-rape” experience like Amandagon’s poor friend and was misunderstood by the authorities when she reported her harrowing ordeal.

“Lying about that story is absolutely horrible because women are victimized every day.,” Rollins student Elizabeth Humphrey said. “And if we get the reputation of lying, then people won’t start to believe us if it does happen.”

Won’t start? What is she talking about? Most “rape” and “abuse” of women in the United States is completely fictitious. If you want to see real rape and abuse, go to Bosnia or the Sudan, which is where we are headed if the feminists are allowed to take Western culture down with their suicidal ideology. Women don’t fare so well under the law of tooth and claw, which is the primary long-term alternative to the Judeo-Christian tradition.

“Oh, it was awful, he hit me?” So what, are you a china doll? Did you break? And if so, then how is it possible that you’re still here, yapping away?