Give or take 100 million

Fear of an ancient beaver:

The discovery of a furry, beaver-like animal that lived at the time of dinosaurs has overturned more than a century of scientific thinking about Jurassic mammals….For over a century, the stereotype of mammals living in that era has been of tiny, shrew-like creatures scurrying about in the underbrush trying to avoid the giant creatures that dominated the planet, Luo commented.

Now, a research team that included Luo has found that 164 million years ago, the newly discovered mammal with a flat, scaly tail like a beaver, vertebra like an otter and teeth like a seal was swimming in lakes and eating fish.

I’m just looking forward to the day when they find a human skeleton in the stomach of an Allosaurus or something. That will be some good humor, especially listening to the die-hard evolutionists explain how it’s a freak accident of geological layering or something.

I already have part of a short story written to that effect… somehow I doubt the editors at Asimov’s will be enthusiastic about publishing it.