Mailvox: an exercise in insanity

NL wants to see mushroom clouds:

Seems you figured out the problem yourself. You said Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the only successful air bombing runs. Wonder why the rest failed us? There only firecrackers compared to the atomic bombs. So, why don’t we use them? That’s the real question you should be asking.

I don’t need to ask that question. First, since we did not launch nuclear attacks on the Soviet Union, China, India, Pakistan or North Korea, we will certainly not do so in the case of Iran. Iran is far less of a potential threat than three of the current nuclear powers as it will have far fewer weapons with a much shorter reach than either Russia or China and it is significantly less crazy than North Korea, media histronics about the Hitlerhood of the man who isn’t even the top dog in Iran notwithstanding.

Second, my understanding is that Iran has its development facilities distributed around eighty different sites; were the USA to drop eighty nukes on Iran, the other nuclear powers would likely regard that as a virtual act of war on them and look to retaliate in a variety of very significant ways.