Blogfodder: it seems she forgot to duck

Tatiana could probably use a few more punches to the head to knock some sense into her:

This may sound crazy but I don’t think anybody should be hitting anyone no matter their sex. But that’s just my crazy pacifist side coming out. I think what this Vox person is advocating is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Especially considering so many women and girls are abused daily that someone to even suggest it’s okay to do that makes me stomach turn.

Betty Friedan advocated for non-violence but also condemed the feminist who felt you needed to be a man-hater. She stood for men and women working together to support second wave feminism.

This Vox individual just strikes me as angry and scared. He’s angry that women refuse to be “trained female slaves” and he’s scared that one day a woman might one day call him on it. He’s so brave hiding behind his computer but I dare him to go public with his views on women. He also seems incredibly misinformed about the life and the work of Betty Friedan. I would also venture a guess that this guy has never been hit by anyone ever. I have, I was hit by a guy, I didn’t deserve it. I did not offer sufficent provocation. I was smacked, I was given a black eye. It was not in the name of equality. It was in the name of violence.

Yes, she’s right! *sob* I’m terrified… and obviously those direct quotes from Ms Friedan’s work were the product of my terror. And unlike Tatiana, I am aware that women initiate violence as often as men. So, please don’t hit me, I beg you, please, please don’t hit me!

Now, I don’t unleash physical violence on people simply for being stupid, but I have to confess that it would amuse me to give this sniveling crybaby a matching set of black eyes. Women like this don’t understand the first thing about courage or honor, and they will never understand that it is their contemptible cravenness that causes men and women who do to regard them as an inferior species of Man.

“Oooh… I was hit once… I got a black eye… in the name of violence.” Boo freaking hoo! An NFL running back suffers worse in every single game of the 16-game season. Every boxer and martial artist in the world has been jacked in the head, most of them several hundred times. It is their scars that they wear with pride, not their victimhood.

The greatest respect is earned by the man or woman who is willing to get up after being knocked down. That’s why two boxers will so often embrace like long-lost brothers at the final bell after spending 15 rounds half-killing each other; a man respects no one more than the man who takes his best shot and still refuses to quit fighting.

Being a coward herself, Tatiana assumes that everyone is likewise craven. But she already lost her dare almost three years ago.

It is true that the Christian has an obligation to turn the other cheek. What Tatiana and her kind will never understand is that this is not a shield for cowards to rationalize their behavior, but rather, an extremely difficult exercise in mastering one’s pride in order to follow Jesus Christ’s example.