Could not disagree more

Scott Adams on how to be a henpecked man:

The biggest relationship mistake you can make is to assume that because you have some special training or knowledge on a topic, that your opinion should be extra important. You could be the world’s most respected expert on insects, for example, but if your mate insists that caterpillars grow into chipmunks, there will be no talking him or her out of it. You could try saying, “I have a doctorate in bugs, I know what I’m talking about” but your mate will hear “I am an overbearing ass pimple who doesn’t know a fly from a suspicious mole.”

So forget about how much you know, or how smart you think you are, or how much extra information you might have recently collected. That will not help you. Instead, I offer you the only solution: The WCM Method.

WCM stands for Who Cares Most. If you want your relationship to have a chance, defer all decisions and interpretations of fact to the person who cares the most.

This is simply a combination of the “Yes, Dear” method of relationship management with the old adage about squeaky wheels and grease. It’s not exactly surprising, since Scott Adams is a classic Gamma Male who can barely find a date despite the advantages of intelligence, great wealth and fame. I’d no more take his advice on this sort of thing than I’d ask a childless lesbian feminist for advice on child-rearing, or a homeless man for advice on derivatives.

(Don’t get me wrong, I very much like Mr. Adams’ blog and his cartoon, I simply suspect his mastery of the opposite sex isn’t exactly on par with Derek Jeter or Mick Jagger.)

If one must follow an Adams on the matter, John’s advice about refusing to bow to the dictatorship of the petticoat is rather superior, both for individuals and society at large. The sexual dichotomy is this: the man who accepts female abuse in pursuit of pleasure will soon find himself left to his own devices. Never forget that there are plenty of girls on the girl tree.