Greatest electronic games

1. Doom
2. Wizardry
3. Akalabeth / Ultima I – III
4. Ms Pac-man
5. Madden ’92 – 2006 (although there were some weak years)
6. Space War
7. Quake (for the modding innovation)
8. Autoduel
9. Wing Commander
10. Combat Mission

Honorable mention: Castle Wolfenstein (Apple II), Mechwarrior, TIE Fighter, Warcraft, Panzer General, SimCity, VASSAL, Skiing (Intellivision), Combat (Atari 2600), Super Mario 64, Tetris.

Without a doubt, Richard Garriot was the greatest electronic game designer of all-time. But the John-John team of Romero and Carmack runs a very solid and respectable second thanks to their continued dedication to pushing the envelope.