Mailvox: suggestions welcomed

JT seeks advice from the Voxologisti:

My wife and I are making plans to begin homeschooling our kids after this school year. I’d be interested in any resources/tips your community can recommend for parents just starting out with homeschooling — particularly for kids who were already in private Christian and public schools for 3-5 years. (We’ll be teaching 3rd and 5th grade at home next year).

You and your regular readers are consistent advocates of the advantages of homeschooling, and what I’ve read on your site has helped us reach this decision. Now we could use all the help we can get. Even knowing it’s the best thing for the kids, it’s still a daunting challenge to take this on.

Posting this feels rather like chaining a bleeding veal calf in a cage full of wolves… JT, I will simply leave you and your wife with the wise words of Douglas Adams. “Don’t Panic!” The point of homeschooling is not to design the ultimate curriculum and then begin, allow yourself instead to discover the right path through trial and error. Even the errors will almost surely be superior to the education your children were receiving previously.