Why start now?

Peter King on pass interference:

I think I would like to ask the zebras of this league one question: When will you learn how to call pass interference? It was a disgraceful weekend for PI calls. The 39-yard interference call against Asante Samuel handed the Broncos a 7-3 lead in the second quarter; if anything, obviously, that call should have been on Ashley Lelie. We all saw that. And in the Pittsburgh-Indy game, there was an infamous non-call on rookie corner Marlon Jackson, who interfered with Antwaan Randle El deep in Indy territory. Instead of continuing a drive that could have made the score 21-0 Pittsburgh, the Steelers had to punt, and Indianapolis drove the ball 96 yards to a resuscitating field goal.

So what else is new? They haven’t been calling it properly in the playoffs since at least 1975.

Did I mention that I am still displeased with an even more infamous non-call? Because I am.