A failure to grasp history

Kim waxes optimistic:

All people want the same basic things out of life. We want to be happy, most of us want to love and be loved, be successful, have a good family, have good friends ect. Having different paths to the same goal doesn’t change the goal.

No, they most certainly do not. Because Kim, being a generally decent individual, does not slaver after power over others like a dog salivating after a large steak, she makes the common mistake that no one else does.

This is manifestly untrue. Even a thirty-second survey of history demonstrates otherwise. My libertarianism does not stem from rosy-hued optimism as some self-professed pragmatists claim, it is an ideology that stems from a profoundly skeptical view of humanity and human desires.

Man is dual-natured. Both the Dark and the Light call to him. The man who tenderly tucks his beloved children in at night may harbor a secret desire to bury an axe into the head of his neighbor. The woman who selflessly gives of herself to her friends, family and church may dream of seducing the twelve-year old neighbor girl next door. The vegetarian animal-lover painting harmlessly on the street corner may burn inside with visions of Teutonic supremacy.

There are no universal goals; even an individual harbors inherently conflicting desires.