Bi-factional rule in Britain

From the Telegraph:

David Cameron faced criticism from the Right and Left last night as he tried to reposition the Conservative Party as a defender of the historical principles of the NHS. In his biggest speech since becoming leader, Mr Cameron tore up the policy he helped to promote under Michael Howard – which offered subsidies to patients who go private – and rejected Margaret Thatcher’s commitment to tax breaks for private medical insurance.

Risking the wrath of the Tory Right, he said his party was changing and had to accept that it had been wrong to try to use taxpayers’ money to encourage people to opt out of the NHS. Instead, a modern Conservative Party should champion a health service fully funded by the taxpayer and able to offer free care to all.

Note that in the UK, as well as the USA, modernity indicates an acceptance of big socialist central government for “conservatives” as well as liberals. Of course, the only thing they are attempting to conserve is political power for their bi-factional ruling party. Keep in mind that the FIRST major thing that the new “conservative” British leader did was turn around and stab British conservatives in the back. Clearly, someone has learned something from George Bush.

Back here in the colonies, the Republican vs Democrat “conflict” is less meaningful than the Patriots vs Colts rivalry. Both parties intend to bring America to precisely the same place: to heel.