Mailvox: Themes and things

One of the many Mikes wonders about the topic:

It’s amazing, an entire blog dedicated to smashing the red herring of feminism. And hundreds of comments per posts. Is there a single person here capable of discussing gender issues without once using the words “feminist,” “bitch” or “lesbian?”

There’s a few mistaken assumptions there:

1. Although “gender issues” is one of the regular themes of this blog, it’s not the only one nor even the primary one. Had you visited last August and September, you would have similarly assumed that the War in the Pacific was the sole interest. Another name for this blog could easily be “Beating Dead Horses”.

2. “Gender issues” are of great interest to a lot of people. I happen to have a few thoughts on them, although I actually spend more time thinking about the NFL and Elliott Wave patterns as they apply to certain markets. Right now, I’m particularly into the Pelopponesian War, radiosity in 3D Studio Max and the question of multiple light channels, but I doubt that these are things of interest to anyone else.

3. To dismiss what we are informed is “the most successful revolution of the 20th century” as “a red herring” is interesting. How do you justify doing that?

4. I am certainly capable of discussing the aforementioned issues sans inflammatory rhetoric and have done so in the past, but I do wonder why Mike would include the self-professed title of the most relevant movement with other nouns he presumably considers to be pejorative. Would he likewise hope to discuss economic issues without mentioning Marxists, Keynesians, monetarists or Austrians? How very peculiar!