So Patch Adams is funny after all

From the New York Times:

In the opening convocation, Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams – the charismatic therapist played on screen by Robin Williams – displayed on a giant projection screen photos from around the world of burned children, starving children, diseased children, some lying in their own filth.

He called for a “last stand of loving care” to prevail over the misery in the world, its wars and “our fascistic government.” Overcome by his own message, Dr. Adams eventually fell to the floor of the stage in tears.

Many in the audience of thousands were deeply moved; many others were bewildered. Some left the arena.

It would take a heart of granite to witness that performance and not burst out laughing. I love psychotherapists. They’re so much more screwed up than the majority of those they are “helping”. Seriously, have you ever known anyone who was fascinated with psychotherapy who wasn’t at least a little bit crazy? I suspect most of them go into it in a vain attempt to figure out what their own problems are.