Putting the eye in INT

Like many NFL fans, I will miss Brett Favre when he retires. He’s a great quarterback, I genuinely like him, and because of the Packers-Vikings rivalry, I’ve seen an awful lot of his games, several in person. But what I’ll miss most is the way he makes me look like an NFL expert.

For example, when Spacebunny and I were watching the game yesterday, I noticed something familiar. When Favre gets frustrated and starts forcing the ball, he tends to lean forward a bit as he throws. Since he first became a starter, this has almost invariably been a sign of a multi-interception game, usually three at a minimum. Last night, early in the first quarter, I noticed the telltale sign and predicted many completions to the Bears.

Sure enough, Favre finished up with 4 INTs. But that didn’t come close to the time I came home while a few of the boys were watching the Pro Bowl. Favre had made the NFC team for the first time as an alternate, and he came in when the NFC had the ball on the AFC twenty.

“Here comes the interception in the end zone,” I announced to some derision. The ball was snapped, Farve faded back and drilled a strike right into the chest of an AFC cornerback.

“How did you know that was coming?” someone asked. But it was inevitable. Brett Favre + Excited + Red Zone + All-Pro Secondary = INT. What else could possibly happen?