A prophetic wave

China bans sex disclosure:

A new Chinese law calls for prison terms of up to three years and fines for doctors and other health workers who assist in telling the gender of unborn babies, leading to abortions, state media said on Monday. The legal amendment would give new teeth to a government campaign to outlaw the selective abortion of female foetuses and correct an imbalance in the ratio of boys to girls that has grown since China’s one-child policy was introduced more than 20 years ago.

“The revision is aimed to prevent the selection of a child’s gender when not conducted for medical purposes,” An Jian, a member of China’s parliament who discussed the amendment over the weekend, was quoted as saying.

“Artificial gender selection can jeopardise China’s population structure, leading to social instability,” An wrote in a report.

Government figures show 119 boys are born for every 100 girls in the world’s most populous nation. About 40 million men may live as frustrated bachelors by 2020.

I find it rather telling that one can usually predict the Western feminist position by knowing what Communist and other totalitarian states require. Let’s see if I have it right. A woman has an absolute right to an abortion, because it’s her body etc. But because too many women don’t want female children, it is necessary to forcibly prevent doctors from telling pregnant women what they’re having, because if they know they might exercise their absolute right to kill their unborn daughter. In other words, women can only exercise their absolute right as long as they do so for approved reasons, like wanting to finish law school because the country so desperately needs yet another useless lawyer.

The whole responsibility for wholesale slaughter thing aside, if I was a feminist, I’d be embarrassed to open my mouth in public. Of course, they’re women, so logical consistency isn’t necessarily all that high on their priority list.

“They’re killing little girls for their sex! It’s genocide!”

I thought abortion wasn’t murder. I also thought female was a sex, not a race.

“You know what I mean! It’s anti-female discrimination and it has to be stopped!”

Hey, you’re the one who supports abortion. Heck, you support making taxpayers pay for abortion. If you want to stop the abortion of unborn girls, then ban abortion.

“But they’re eliminating millions of women from the population!”

And just who is eliminating women? All those pregnant men getting abortions?

What we’re seeing here is just the first in a great many waves of reality washing away the pillars of the Equalitarian Society. Most societies will only travel so far along a suicidal path before self-preservation kicks in. Monogamous marriage will almost certainly go first, then abortion will be banned soon enough, for reasons utilitarian, not moral. Easy divorce will be next, followed eventually by the women’s vote.