The workout conundrum

Huckleberry watches the cows jump up and down:

All the women working out with us in the free weight area are incredibly fit and slender, yet when the step classes get out, we watch nothing short of a brigade of bovines meandering from the classroom through to the exit, most having taken the classes for years with no visable effect.

It never ceases to amaze me how many clueless women will say that they don’t want to lift weights because they don’t want to get big and muscular, when with one or two seriously hard-core exceptions, the women in the free weight room have bodies that resemble fitness models and swimsuit models, not the Governator in his prime.

For the most part, women can’t get big and muscular without going on steroids or having abnormally high testosterone levels. Spacebunny has been lifting hard and heavy for ten years, but even benching her own weight is an iffy proposition. She has lovely definition, but absolutely no bulk whatsoever.

I only know two women who can bench 135, one is a champion powerlifter and the other is the most extreme gym rat I have ever met. Both of them are slim, very attractive women, although the ripped contours of their arms and legs betrays their unusual muscular development.

A simple glance at one of the women’s fitness magazines should be enough to dispel this common myth. The fitness babes always spend far more time in the weight room than they do doing cardio.