Mailvox: a tale of two emails… and more

CG is hoping to get a George W. Bush vibrator for Georgemas:

It’s hard to believe a member of MENSA would hold the warped views you espouse. But you got one thing right….don’t shoot the messenger just because you don’t like the message. That seems to be what you left-wing Bush-hating liberals want to do to President Bush. YOU are the anti-American one and should be fired from your job, and have your tongue cut out for lying.

Yes, I’m a left-wing liberal… anyone who doesn’t have a poster of Dear Leader on their bedroom wall is a left-wing liberal, and they deserve to be physically mutilated because of their insufficient love for the bestest and handsomest man that ever defended the country from evil.

DG’s nightmare came true:

Thank you for the article “The anti-American president.” After I heard the news about Bush’s authorization of the NSA eavesdropping on domestic communication my blood began to boil. I was not one of those Republicans who “twice voted enthusiastically for George Bush.” However, I did vote for him with a shaking hand and with a bitter taste in my mouth. I was motivated by the normal ”lesser of two evils” philosophy.

Now I fear I may be culpable for helping this man undermine our constitutional rights more quickly than at any time in American history. Worse still I am sickened by how silent conservatives are on this issue today. Contrary to a conservative outcry, instead I hear apologists like Limbaugh trying to defend the Bush administration and demonize the democrats. Now there are plenty of reasons to demonize democrats but this boldface spinning by conservatives has gotten me feeling truly sick.

RF demonstrates his Three Monkey credentials:

Our President is not perfect and does have faults, but he is a whole lot better than ANY left-wing NAZI DEMOCRAT. You are no different or better than the rest of the Democratic Party who want to sell out, pack up and surrender to Islamic radicals. I can tell by your article that you are not a Christian and you would like nothing better than the failure of our President.

Well, it’s true, I have committed the obvious blasphemy of failing to bow my head before the lawd and saveyah, Sweet White Gee-orge, who warn’t nevah a yaller dawg. Meanwhile, DG regrets his past actions:

I voted for Bush II twice, now I wish I could take these votes back. I have said for a long time he has violated his office oath, lied & is tearing our country down. You hit the nail on the head with your viewpoint.

It will be interesting to see if RF manages to remember who established these ugly new government powers when the Lizard Queen is wielding them three years from now.

GU writes:

You are truly ignorant and immature. Go read your Bible…preferably a Companion Bible with a Strongs Exhaustive Concordance. You have much to learn about what a Christian is and what GOD wants His children to do, have done, and fail to do.

I suppose he’s right, my column today was simply reprehensible, considering how we will be celebrating George Bush’s birth later this week. RM adds, in like vein:

You’ve fallen into the trap like so many others. Making temporary sacrifices of liberty to preserve that same liberty for the long term only makes common sense. No one would have even noticed these slight losses of liberty if not for the fools leaking highly secret information to the communist press, much to the approval of our enemies. So few people are affected, it is of no business of the masses to know what our government is doing to protect us from an unscrupulous enemy for these losses are minimal and only temporary. I would much rather have a president like Bush who is doing these things to save our nation as a whole instead of Clinton who used these methods to spy on political opponents and to coerce so called friends and allies to take the heat to save his political ass. You’ve lost your mind and allowed the demonic forces to alter your perception as have too many weak souls in the world today.

It’s amazing how people are still falling for the “temporary” and “slight” loss of liberty argument. It’s been around since the second consulship of Marius, truly, there is nothing new under the sun.