Yes, fascism is of the Left

Can the strength of the conservative resistance of the Social Democratic workers be calculated beforehand? It cannot. In the light of the events of the past years, this strength seems to be gigantic. But the truth is that what helped most of all to weld together Social Democracy was the wrong policy of the Communist Party, which found its highest expression in the absurd theory of social fascism. To measure the real resistance of the Social Democratic ranks, a different measuring instrument is required, that is, a correct Communist tactic. Given this condition—and it is not a small condition—the degree of internal corrosion of the Social Democracy can be revealed in a comparatively brief period. – Leon Trotsky

So, Mussolini was a Marxist leader. Hitler always declared National Socialism to be the true socialism in opposition to the Marxist variant. Leon Trotsky declares “social fascism” to be a form of “Social Democracy”, an errant Communist policy.

To which the good little American Democrat says: “but, but, but my teachers said that the Nazis were RIGHT-WING!!!!”

What do you call an organization whose largest occupational group is school teachers? The NEA? The Democratic Party? Both would be accurate answers, but the one I’m looking for is that historical champion of the state-run schools, the historical German National Socialist Worker’s Party.