Trying to have it both ways

The NYT on paternity testing>:

In the most recent case to make headlines, Ms. Frey went to court to set aside the paternity judgment against the man who was paying child support for her 4-year-old daughter and attached the results of a DNA test that showed the girl’s father was actually someone else. Gloria Allred, the lawyer for Ms. Frey, said her client had believed “in good faith” that the man paying child support was the girl’s father and argued that while women obviously have the responsibility to establish who the father is, so do men.

“Any man who’s alleged to be the father of a child born outside of marriage is entitled to take that DNA test” to establish paternity, she said. “If he did not take the test, then he needs to take responsibility for his failure to do so. He shouldn’t blame the mother.”

Of course, if men did begin taking paternity tests as a matter of course, the caterwauling of women afraid of having to support their bastard children by themselves would probably lead the feminist-fearing politicians to pass laws declaring that the first man whose shadow fell upon the child will be held financially responsible for it.

I find it more than a little ironic that despite the constant feminist declarations that a) women are fully equal to men in all ways, and b) fathers are an unnecessary child-rearing option, that the administrative family “courts” inevitably find that a man, any man, regardless of his relationship to the child, is required to provide financial support.

If we as a nation ever decide to get serious about the darkening demographic future, both divorce and abortion will be banned, a social stigma will be attached to women working and all children will be tested for their paternity at birth*. This won’t happen, since our quasi-democracy is an inherently reactive system, so the inevitable collapse of the Equalitarian Society will likely lead towards something significantly less protective of potential mothers and more exploitive and controlling of them.

*This will likely happen first, as the insurance companies will surely demand it in order to aid their genetic screening.