Women ruining everything

Will someone please kick Michelle Tafoya in the teeth? I understand the NFL thinks it has to try appealing more to women, but why in the name of Cthulhu’s tentacles is she talking about jewelry OVER THE PLAY while there’s still four minutes left in a two-score game?

If I want to watch television about rings and things, I’ll watch QVC. There are few things I loathe as much as the “sideline reporter”, so I’m not at all happy that their so-called reports are now being given priority over the game itself.

One bright light: I had a feeling the game might go as it did, so I sat both Jerry Porter and Lamont Jordan. Both of them actually looked pretty good, especially since Porter is coming back from a hamstring injury, but you have to assume that you’re just not going to score much on Belicheck’s defense. See Peyton Manning for details….