Mailvox: picking a cherry

Varian doesn’t bother to read the archives:

Vox does not because he is incapable. While he verbally whips others for ‘cowtowing to the party line’, Vox follows very closely to the libertarian dogma. There is nothing wrong with libertarianism just as there is nothing wrong with conservatism. But parroting is bad. Vox cannot explain why Greenspan is bad, he is bad because the articles on said so, therefore it must be so….

But the person who follows the party line is Vox. He parrots everything from the party line, including Austrian Economics.

Yes, I follow very closely to Libertarian Party dogma, with the minor exception of abortion. Oh, and open immigration. And of course, when it came to election time, I am such a hard core follower of the party line that I recommended voting for either the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party, or even not voting at all.

As for Greenspan, I have written on my bubble-blowing hero before, as well as on some of the ways he operates behind the scenes. (I admit my bearishness on the equity markets was too early and I have already paid the reader who bet me an ounce of gold that the markets would not crash below the October 2002 lows by this fall. Let me know when it gets there, dude.)

In fact, I am not a registered Libertarian, I seldom read the missives from although I am on their mailing list and there is no Libertarian equivalent to Karl Rove channeling the spirit of Ludwig von Mises in order to provide the vast array of libertarian columnists their talking points. So, I’m curious… precisely who am I parroting, Varian?

Or do you always make a habit of not allowing anything as petty as mere facts get in the way of your theories?