Mailvox: New Orleans

From a contributor who shall remain nameless lest s/he be accused of heartlessness:

I’m amazed. Yesteday, I was still filled with sympathy for the people of New Orleans. I used to have a friend who lived in Slidell; haven’t talked to her in years. I wonder if she’s okay.

Today, the European press is starting to blame the disaster on America for rejecting the Kyoto Treaty, the American mainstream press is starting to blame the disaster on George W. Bush for diverting funds to the Iraq War that could have been spent on flood-control projects here at home, and I’m surprised to find myself starting to blame the people of New Orleans. What the hell did you expect, living in a city that is below sea level? Isn’t the environmentalists’ whole point that we need to live in harmony with nature, not fight in opposition against it?

I say we declare New Orleans “The Venice of North America,” dynamite what’s left of the levees, and start building a Newer Orleans, further inland and on much higher ground.

Post your New Orleans-related comments here. I’m just not terribly interested in the environmental equivalent of a car crash, except to note in passing the irony of supposed conservatives screaming for more Federal intervention, faster.

With the exception of John Derbyshire and Ramesh Ponnuru, I’m not sure there are any conservatives left there.