If you’re looking for someone to pity….

Trent Green is mysteriously missing practice. Jerry Porter dinged his hamstring again. Marcus Robinson is suddenly back in the running for the #2 WR spot contra Travis Taylor… after I dropped him.

I already have the record for the longest losing streak to kick off the season: seven games. If you suddenly hear a cry of anguished distres, it’s because I saw the words “Marvin Harrison” or “Domanick Davis” on an SI headline.

It’s strange, considering that my biggest weakness in fantasy football is obtaining productive WRs, but I did accurately predict that the Peerless Price-Atlanta saga would end exactly how it did, with him bombing out and getting cut. His last year in Buffalo, he was the most productive receiver I ever had, but when he went to the Falcons for the big bucks, everything about the situation screamed “ALVIN HARPER”!

(Harper was a big performer for Dallas when he had Michael Irvin drawing double-coverage. He signed for big dollars to become Tampa Bay’s #1 and flopped. Price was similarly dependent upon Eric Moulds drawing coverage in Buffalo.)

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Price went on to find real success if he goes to a team where he can be the number two option again.