Is it time to dump the GOP

A Townhaller opens his eyes:

Thanks to the incredible expansion of federal entitlements, regulations and pork spending sanctioned by the GOP leadership in Congress since 2001, there is virtually no chance that Big Government is going to be shrunk even a little any time soon.

And since there is no sign the folks running Congress are willing to change course, why shouldn’t conservatives dump the GOP?

Mark Tapscott isn’t bold enough to follow through on his logic – he ends up calling for an intervention, as if that will do anything – but I do think it is noteworthy that after five years of abuse at the hands of a Republican president, Congress and Supreme Court, even media Three Monkey Republicans are beginning to realize that their party is not simply blundering into Democratic snares, but is actually the treacherous faction of the bifactional Government Party.

I encourage conservatives to vote Libertarian, Constitution Party or even not to vote at all rather than continue to lend their support to a party that despite its words, is adamantly opposed to almost everything conservatives hold dear.