Mike Wallace would not approve

Michael Yon puts Americans before journalism:

When I came back into the TOC, Major Michael Lawrence–who I often challenge to pull-up contests, and who so far has beat me (barely) every time–looked me square and professionally, in the direct way of a military leader and asked, “Mike, did you pick up a weapon today?”
“I did.”
“Did you fire that weapon?”
“I did.”
“If you pick up another weapon, you are out of here the next day. Understood?”
“We still have to discuss what happened today.”

Writers are not permitted to fight. I asked SFC Bowman to look at the photos and hear what happened. Erik Kurilla and CSM Prosser were witness, but I did not want the men of Deuce Four who were not there to think I had picked up a weapon without just cause.

Michael Yon is writing fascinating stuff. His words capture the chaos and confusion of the urban battlefield in a way I would not have imagined possible, while his pictures show its surprisingly mundane character. His courage and his willingness to stand by the soldiers of Deuce Four is truly exceptional, and I encourage you to support him in his work.