Mailvox: chickenhawk or not

Craig has a theory:

“I also notice that it seems the majority of people throwing around the term chickenhawk are not in the military and I think that says a lot.”

I imagine that’s only because almost no one in the media is or was in the military. But let’s take a poll and see if that’s the case.

This one is for those who have served or are serving in the military only. The question is as follows:

1. Ben Shapiro has asserted:

a) “If America is to survive and flourish, Americans must realize that empire isn’t a choice: It’s a duty.”

b) “Pre-emption is the chief weapon of a global empire. No one said empire was easy, but it is right and good”

c) “Most of us realize that during wartime, sacrifices must be made…. taking such a stand requires common sense and the knowledge that we are in the midst of the great battle of our time.”

d) “Now’s the time: Either put up, or shut the hell up.”

2. Ben Shapiro is also a single, 21 year-old American male with no known physical disabilities who has chosen to attend Harvard Law School instead of making the personal sacrifice of serving his country’s military during what he describes as “the great battle of our time”.

Is Mr. Shapiro a “chickenhawk” or not?

Please give a simple “yes” or “no” answer and note the branch of the military in which you served. Again, I’m only interested in the opinions of former and present members of the military.