Mailvox: always with the consistency

Constantine comments:

Frustrated with the way the world works, you simply cling to the fiction that one day — poof! — all your problems will disappear in a full swoop of inevitability. We also saw this attitude amongst the Y2K-apocalyptics and the Marxists holding out for the Revolution.

Um, I’m the one that you left-wingers repeatedly dismiss as the rich guy, remember? I’m more than content with that which God has blessed me, or, if you prefer, the hand that fate has randomly dealt me. I’m just fine, thanks.

But stick to your theory if you like, by all means. I think it works for you.

The point is that very few people are capable of seeing the cracks in the foundation, even as they widen and spread. Thus, when the structure collapses suddenly, it is a surprise to most. This has happened again and again; when the tipping point for the West will arrive, it’s impossible to say. But unfortunately, no society lasts forever and ours will be no exception. One need not anticipate something negative in order to expect it.