It’s football time

QB Trent Green
RB Domanick Davis
RB Lamont Jordan
WR Marvin Harrison
WR Steve Smith
WR Jerry Porter
TE Randy McMichael
K Jeff Wilkins
DEF Atlanta

I can’t decide if I like my team or not. It strikes me as one with decent potential, provided I make reasonable pickups along the way, but there’s no one that’s liable to strike fear in anyone’s heart. But, when you finish in third place, you pick eighth, so what do you do. Here’s hoping Oakland’s offense manages to turn it around.

The big question I’m still wondering about was TO. He went in the third round and I’m wondering if I should have paired him with Harrison. As it stands, I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on him and he ended up with Chokechain, who also has Priest Holmes. I play Chokechain in Week One and his team strikes me as one that could either walk all over everyone or fall completely apart by Week Four.

There’s only one way to find out.