Mailvox: on synonyms

Anonymous plays word games:

Conservative and FEAR are synonymous.

There’s a WHOLE lot of fear from the right on the blogosphere. Fear of the “other”. Other people, other cultures, other ideas. All the hording of guns and homeschooling and seperating from your fellow human beings. Kinda sad. It’s all about the fear.

Conservative bastions are markedly segregated compared to those notoriously integrated havens of left-liberalism, such as the academy, Carmel, Marin County and the Hamptons. For example, Marin County is “world-renowned for its stunning natural beauty, liberal politics and extreme affluence” and yet features a population that is 84 percent white in a state that is 55 percent non-white.

To be honest, I haven’t seen left-liberals demonstrate much openness to other ideas which seem to be fairly popular around the globe, such as female circumcision, Judenhassen and that always controversial law of supply and demand.

As for fear, that’s risible. The entire Democratic political program is based on fear! The Republicans are going to take your Social Security away! Refusing to sign Kyoto will cause the ice caps to melt! Everyone who owns a gun will go on a killing spree someday! All men are rapists!

Homeschooling and gun ownership aren’t about fear, to the contrary they are about responsibility. It is the difference between being an adult and being a child. The modern liberal expects the government-mommy to take care of him, the modern conservative knows it won’t and relies on himself.

Once, to be liberal meant to be an open-minded advocate of human freedom. Now, it is simply a synonym for immature and maleducated lunacy.