Wreaking havoc… again

The Monkey Wrench is on a roll:

So, it would appear I got an extra special gift this morning. I printed and distributed the cloumn, again, with much the same result. Pissed off females, who never even bothered to read it in its entirety. I know this because the ones I spoke to were quizzed on points raised at the end. (What did you think of the comment that Christians are the only ones breeding at replacement levels and the like) No one had gotten to that point.

Anyway, as they made their way to HR yet again, and began complaining, a decree was established that there would be no more proliferation of any non-work related paraphenalia. This seemed like a reasonable answer to them, so I promptly went in the caf, and while they had coffee removed all of the Avon and Mary Kay catalogs from the areas where the females tend to gather.

One asked me what I was doing, and she was told “I’m getting rid of the non-work related paraphenalia.” I then threw them in the trash. This brought another stampede to HR, who then informed them it’s all or nothing. Take all of it, and read what you like, or have none at all, either way no more complaints.

Good Lord, it’s only 10:40 a.m. my time and I’ve already accomplished more than I set out too. It’s gonna be a great day!

As our would-be masters in Washington know, the trick to winning is to force people to choose between a bad option and a worse one.

But you can’t really blame them for not finishing the column. As DC taught us this morning, if you don’t read something you don’t like, it doesn’t exist.

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